SMC3 Pro (Discontinued)

$65.95 $129.95

The top of the line SMC3 saddle - performance and comfort with lightweight hollow TiNox rails combined with a flexible, yet stable, carbon fiber shell. Developed as an all round saddle, ideal for long day rides and those wanting more cushioning. The ergonomic focus of the saddle is optimized relief for the soft tissue. The specially designed shape and the pronounced relief channel are ideal for those with sensitivity in this area. Newly developed, high damping orthopedic padding with micro air cushions is utilized. Compared to the SMR3, the saddle is softer, has thicker foam, and offers a deep relief channel.


    • TiNox rails,  7x7
    • MicroFiber Superlite / Alcantara cover
    • 3D AirCell orthopedic padding with comfort step up
    • Carbon Fiber - Ultra Thin Y-Flex Construction saddle shell
    • 3D Progressive Setup sit bone pockets formed into saddle shell
    • Silicon treatment for extra glide in the nose area of the saddle.
    • 6mm deep relief channel.
    • Available in 3 sizes
    • Small 220g
    • Medium 230g
    • Large 235g
    • 220 lb recommended max rider weight limit
    • 2018 model, discontinued for 2019.

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