How do I select the correct Ergon saddle size?

Our saddles are offered in either 2 or 3 sizes.  What saddle size a rider selects is based on sit bone width of the rider.  A rider can identify their ideal Ergon saddle size by using our Online Saddle Selector app.  We do not size saddles to the rider based on overall saddle dimensions.  Saddle dimensions of other saddle brands do not translate over to the Ergon saddle sizing platform.


What is the 3D Progressive Setup found in Ergon saddles?

All Ergon saddles feature 3D Progressive Setup.  This is just one of the main features that sets Ergon's saddles apart from the competition.  The 3D Progressive Setup is a void or hollow section in the saddle shell that the rider's sit bones fit into.  This is also the area in the saddle that has the most padding.  We have maximized the true area in which the rider sits on.  Through the offering of various size of Ergon saddles, the 3D Progressive Setup varies in width to accommodate the varying size of cyclists.


What is TiNox?

Found in most of our saddle rails, TiNox is a Vanadium stainless steel alloy with a small amount of Titanium in a tube-shaped construction. The TiNox tubes are made in Austria in the only TiNox factory in the World. Overall TiNox is lighter then solid titanium, yet just as strong.


Is there a size chart for the Ergon gloves?

Ergon glove size chart can be found HERE.


Small or Large?  What size Ergon grips should I order?

Hand size is different from person to person, Ergon manufactures most of its grip models in two sizes - Small and Large. This difference is in the diameter/thickness of the grip in hand. The reason for this is that a larger hand is better able to grip a larger grip with less stress and effort. This is the same in reverse for small grip. A smaller hand needs a smaller grip to allow the hand to close around it. MTBers, racers, off-road riders tend to gravitate towards the Small grip.  Commuters, urban riders, and leisure riders lean towards the Large grip. Ultimately, personal preference is the main deciding factor.


What is the Ergon backpack size chart?



T-shirt size S-M



T-shirt size L-XL


I want to make a Return or Exchange.  What steps do I need to take?

Please see our Return and Exchange policy.


What is the warranty on Ergon products?

Ergon products have a 2 year warranty.  Please keep in mind most of our products are "wear items", meaning they wear out with use and the life span of a product will vary from rider to rider based on usage and environment. Our full warranty policy can be seen HERE


I just bought an Ergon saddle with carbon fiber rails, but it will not fit my seat post. What can I do?

Ergon saddles with CroMo and Ti rails are round (7x7).  Most saddle manufacturers using carbon fiber rails have oval rails (7x9).  Ergon saddles featuring carbon rails are oval (7x9). This means that in some cases an after-market seat head clamp may need to be purchased from the seat post manufacturer.  DO NOT try to fit oval railed saddle rails into a round rail seat head.  This will void any warranty and potentially lead to rider injury.


How do you measure the length of your barends?

Ergon barends are measured by the amount of gripping space, minus the grips and clamping area.  For example, here is the GP3, which has 50mm of barend extension.


What model year is the Ergon product I am purchasing?

All Ergon products sold in this web store are of current model year, unless specified with with another year. For example, "2013 SM3"