Ergon BA3


The BA3 is 100% design for all-mountain riding and enduro adventures.  You seek out the lines less traveled.  You push to the high peak, full-face helmet and armor strapped to your back for the trip back down.  Dark clouds loom on the horizon.  You are fully prepared with your BA3 carrying all the needed equipment need to push the limit of speed and safety on the 3,000 ft vertical descent back down.  The BA3 is build to handle the demands of an epic all-mountain ride or enduro adventure.


  • Capacity of 1037 cu. inches
  • 4-stage adjustable shoulder harness.
  • Self-correcting shoulder straps keep the pack centered.
  • Load compression ‘Adaptive Carrier System’
  • Vertical compartments to carry protectors or armor.
  • A combined full face helmet and wet clothing compartment.
  • Compression straps on the bottom of the pack.
  • 4 internal compartments.
  • Separate compartment for the bladder.
  • Rain cover.
  • Small pocket on left side of waist belt.
  • A wide elastic hip belt that can be adjusted with a single hand.
  • Integrated HiLumen reflectors.
  • Bladder not included.


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