Ergon Saddle Demo Program


NEW FOR 2017! Finding the right saddle to fit your riding style and body is the key to hours of cycling comfort and enjoyment. Ergon saddles are offered in a variety of models and sizes designed specifically to meet your riding needs.  We are excited to announce our online saddle demo program, which allows you to demo any Ergon saddle model for 2 weeks.  At the completion of your demo process we are certain you will have found the perfect match. Please see demo rules below.


  • Identify your saddle and model with our Online Saddle Selector
  • Each saddle demo is non-refundable $29.95 + shipping.
  • Ergon only pays return shipping costs on all demo saddles.
  • Saddle demo length is 2 weeks maximum. Saddles kept longer than 2 weeks will be charged MSRP to the consumer.
  • Demo saddles must be return in the condition they were received.  Damaged saddles will be charged MSRP to the consumer.
  • Only individual saddle demo orders can be applied as credit towards a new Ergon saddle purchase.
  • Open to customers in the US only.
  • At end of demo process, the $29.95 saddle demo fee is applied to the purchase of any new Ergon saddle.  Customers who do not wish to buy and Ergon saddle after the demo process forfeit their $29.95 non-refundable demo fee(s)
  • Questions regarding our saddle demo program? Please contact us.


Saddles available for demo and their intended use

  • SFC3 - Fitness, Touring, Comfort
  • SMC3 - MTB, Comfort
  • SMC4 - MTB, Comfort
  • SMR3 - MTB, Race, XC, Marathon
  • SME3 - Enduro, Gravity, Trail
  • SMA3 - All-Mountain, Gravity, Trail, Comfort
  • SMD2 - Downhill

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